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Tiffany hosted a private luncheon at the Tiffany Café in the Miami Design District.

animation at the tiffany cafe

Only eight clients were invited for this lunch. They were meeting for a fundraiser and Tiffany had decided to make an animation by inviting me to draw their portraits live. To encourage them in their philanthropic approach, Tiffany welcomed them in the new pop-up café: the Tiffany Café.

The Tiffany Café in the Miami Design District, the new place for lunch and shopping

Tiffany Cafe

The Pop UP Tiffany Café is inspired by the energy of Miami. Neon lettering sits alongside pop art. The facade was repainted in Tiffany colors by artists Kai and Sunny. The Tiffany Café is above all a meeting place where you can have lunch with friends, but also discover the most beautiful pieces of the jeweler.

The portrait animation format was perfect, I had three hours to draw eight clients

This is the ideal format. I had time to apply myself to each portrait. The clients were relaxed and the decoration of the pop-up was beautiful.

Brands like Tiffany are redoubling their creativity by creating unusual places. And Miami is the perfect place to test these new concepts. I'm lucky enough to live there, and it's a pleasure to be surrounded by so much creativity

animation at the tiffany café

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