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What could be more magical than drawing Dior customers at Galeries Lafayette for the Christmas holidays?

When we think of "Parisian department stores", we think of Galeries Lafayette, don't we?

And when we think of windows and Christmas tree, we think again of Galeries Lafayette.

So when this magic is mixed with the magic of the house of Dior, I feel like a fish in water, because I know that I'm going to draw beautiful, elegant and sophisticated clients live!

I was so happy when Dior contacted me to design their customers live.

It's been a while since I worked for this prestigious house and I love this brand. Designing for Galeries Lafayette was also a first for me.

Why is the Live Portrait different with Dior clients?

Dior clients always have that little extra something, that elegance that I particularly like to draw in their portraits.

I photographed them at the beginning of their visit and, while they took their time to choose the jewel of their dreams and enjoy a glass of champagne, I drew their portrait live.

15 minutes is the perfect time to draw a portrait and also to taste some macaroons.

It was really a pleasure to draw all these portraits live, and frame them with the beautiful Dior envelopes provided. I'm talking about it on my Instagram and show you everything.

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