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Have fun and draw live during the Bulgari party on the French Riviera

It was fun! I had so much fun during that night. It seemed like everyone was connected, and everyone wanted to party together.

Obviously, BULGARI had done things right... As always.

Bulgari clients were invited to a dinner at Gina's house. GinaGina is the new trendy brasserie in the heart of Place Massena in Nice. The place is beautiful and you feel like you're already in Italy.

This evening, Margaux Heller was singing, and I invite you to visit her profile instagram. She has a lot of talent, an incredible voice and performs regularly at the Boeuf sur le toit in Paris.

That evening, I drew 40 portraits live.

All the guests wanted their portrait. After taking pictures of the clients in the photo booth, I drew them throughout the evening. The party had to end at 11pm and nobody really wanted to leave.

Bulgari, once again, has really succeeded in its event!

To give a portrait is to give a unique gift. I loved this evening, and it's always a pleasure to draw all the guests live for BULGARI in all these incredible places.

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