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When it comes to iconic brands... Tiffany is one of them. Here in the United States, Tiffany is a symbol of success, just like Ralph Lauren is in fashion.

The engagement ring (Statement at Tiffany) is part of every American family's history. It was on 5th Avenue in NYC that the elegant women bought their jewelry and nowhere else. Now Tiffany has expanded worldwide.

Personally, I have always loved this brand but I have to admit that their latest collections are more and more daring and I like that!

Invited to the launch of the Lock Tiffany collection

The jeweler this fall presents its new jewelry collection inspired by one of its emblems: the padlock.

The clasp is where the Tiffany Lock bracelets take on the look of a padlock with a pivoting half-circle silhouette. The accessory mimics the locking mechanism of a padlock, and the simple act of putting on the bracelet becomes playful.

After being inspired by tools with the Hardware collection, Tiffany asserts itself even more with this collection with a very strong personality...that I love!

Tiffany event in Boca Raton, Florida

This event took place in Boca Raton, in the Town center mall, gathering the biggest luxury stores. 

Boca Raton is a city located one hour north of Miami in Florida, and it's a city I'm lucky enough to come to often because it's home to a huge mall, the Town Center. The first event I designed for there was for Louis Vuitton! I still remember it.

The 200 biggest luxury brands were represented and Tiffany Co had a very good place.

How to highlight the jewelry pieces on the portraits ? 

Tiffany asked me to highlight the bracelet so we decided to draw only the client's wrist next to her face. The pose was very elegant and the bracelet became the centerpiece of the portrait.

Live portrait to highlight the jewelry of the luxury house

The challenge with the jewelry brands for the live portraits is to show their jewelry that remains, despite everything, small pieces on the scale of the human body.

So I proposed to get the clipped photos of the jewels and to inlay them on each portrait.

So the clients were drawn with the exact bracelet they had chosen. Working with photos is one of the many possibilities that live digital portraiture offers and that's why the iPad remains for me one of the best tools for live painting.

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