Based in France

I am an illustrator specialized in
textile design and creation of decor
for home decoration items.


A textile designer creates artistic motifs and patterns. My textile designs are applied to bed linens, decorative accessories and tableware.
Today, creation and innovation make the difference in a market focused on fast fashion. My role is to enhance the awareness of your products by creating patterns and illustrations that will attract consumers by responding to market trends.

How to combine saffron yellow and indigo blue? How to create a collection of tropical plates in only 3 colors? How to design the next duvet cover in which everyone will want to curl up?

Just contact me with your brief. To begin with, I will send you trend boards of the upcoming season. Then we will decide together on the topics with which you want to develop your product range.

I work by hand, in watercolour and ink, or digitally on Photoshop, Illustrator or Procreate. All drawings and files will be delivered in HD, scanned in PSD, with color separation if desired. All designs are exclusive in your industry.

The first quality of an illustrator is imagination and creativity. I feed my inspiration with decoration magazines, blogs, shopping, Instagram and trade shows. My clients are based in France, Germany, United States and Japan. More than 50% of my turnover is international. For more than 10 years, I have been able to establish a relationship of trust with leading companies in their markets such as Arc, Corelle, Ritzenhoff, Sazaby, Thermos, Pyrex. The excellence of my customers is my best business card.

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