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The borders are closing, but the Holiday season is getting ready. We must all double our efforts and creativeness to make this season as festive as possible for our customers.

There are solutions with live sketching even with social distancing

The first solution is to Email me the photos of your clients. I will then draw them, then I will send you the portraits on art paper by courier.

As a bonus, you will get digital versions of each portrait that you and your clients can share on social networks using your hashtag.

The second solution is to set up a live session with Zoom. We are all familiar with this application which has enabled us to stay in touch with our collaborators. Connect a screen to Zoom in your showroom. With « share screen » on my iPad you will be able to see the drawing being done live on your screen. You will instantly receive the digital version of the portrait so that you can share it with your clients and on your social networks. Then you can print the portraits on the art paper I will have sent you in advance.

Contact me and we can set up a trial Zoom session.

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